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Company Formation and Administration

Company Formation and Administration

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea between three continents, Cyprus has more to offer than its favourable geographical strategic position. The corporate and tax system existing in the island, with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU of 12.5%, sets the foundations for the establishment of a corporate structure which is convenient to manage from anywhere in the world, whilst enjoying the benefits of our jurisdiction.


  • Ready-made Companies & Incorporation of a Company

We may assist you in the fast-track incorporation of a new company in accordance to your needs and requirements. We offer the options of either having nominee local officers and shareholders or otherwise, as per your wishes.


We have ready-made Cyprus companies with local officers and shareholders, available for instant acquisition. Officers and shareholders can be changed – if this is desired – within a minimum time frame without the interruption of the running of the company. This option establishes a window for an instant business relationship and avoids the longer time-consuming procedure of incorporating a new company.


Our team of professionals ensures for the day-to-day management and administration of the company and assists you in the compliance with the domestic legislations and requirements in relation to the company.


  • Away Office Opportunity

We offer the opportunity for the acquisition of either a new incorporated company or that of a ready-made company at a significantly discounted incorporation price with the provision of local officers and shareholders with a minimum of a three-year commitment.


  • Physical Office Presence and Services

For overseas organisations wishing to establish a presence in Cyprus, we assist in the provision of local office space, official website and email address, company secretarial, telephone land line and fax, full time or part time employees.

Please enquire for further details. Our team is ready to provide you with any assistance possible.