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Company Formation and Administration

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea between three continents, Cyprus has more to offer than its favourable geographical strategic position. The corporate and tax system existing in the island, with one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU of 12.5%, sets the foundations for the establishment of a corporate structure which is convenient to manage from anywhere in the world, whilst enjoying the benefits of our jurisdiction.

Bank Account Opening and Maintenance

We provide advice on banking services relevant to the clients needs.

These services include bank account openings with local and foreign banks.

Management and monitoring bank accounts on behalf of the client in a trustworthy environment.

Personal Wealth Management

Advising clients on matters of managing wealth, such as,  assets, estate planning, investments,  according to their individual requirements.

Customising these issues require expert guidance from a team of accountants, tax advisors, the clients legal associates and insurance agents

Bookkeeping, Accounting, VAT and VIES Services

We may assist you in the maintenance of accounting records of your company in compliance to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the preparation of periodic management accounts which includes income statement, balance sheet as well as other tailor-made reports. We advise on any accounting matter in relation to the company and may assist you in the issuance of sales invoice as per your requirements.

Trust Formation and Trustee Services

Following amendments in the domestic legislation concerning trusts, asset protection and confidentiality are now well-emphasised, which makes the establishment of a Cyprus International Trust more attractive and flexible for foreign investors.

Residency Citizenship Work Permits

We may provide you guidance and assistance in obtaining or renewing a work permit in Cyprus, whether you are an EU member state national or a Non-EU member state national and we can assist you with all necessary permits for your family and partners.

Ship Registration

Since independence in 1960, Cyprus has recognised the importance and potential of shipping, and government policy has succeeded in attracting shipping entrepreneurs and developing the island into a world-class shipping centre combining both a sovereign flag and a resident shipping industry, as well as one of the world’s largest third-party ship management centres.

General Insurance

Our tireless pursuit towards offering best in class service enables us to provide personalised advice
on General Insurance aspects. Our trusted associates hold a number of qualifications as well as the
Advanced Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) designation.